The Road to Representation

A halfway house for writers seeking literary agents

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This community is a haven for those of us seeking representation in the literary world. While it is devoted primarily to literary agents, those seeking representations for screenplays are welcome here, as many of the same techniques and rules work for both. This is a place to seek information on how to best create queries and proposals for agents, to vent and grumble about rejections and shout in triumph when that fat contract from a great agent finally arrives. It's a place to ask questions, ("I got a contract from Agent X, anyone know anything about them?") seperate the good agents from the bad, and share experiences on the road to representation and beyond. Let's support each other and share information, for though this is a tough road, we can make it together!
Feel free to write an intro to the group when you arrive, let us know about your writing projects, where you are at in your search, or what's next for you! =)

Here are some helpful URLS:
AAR: Online home of The Association of Authors' Representatives, Inc. (AAR), a not-for-profit organization of independent literary and dramatic agents. You have to be an honest agent to belong. Snagging an AAR agent is a good thing.

Preditors and Editors: A great site for checking up on that agent who accepted your manuscript. Check to see if they are a great catch, or a dud!

JennyBent.com: A great article on what to expect after that publishing deal goes through. It might not be what you expect!

LiteraryAgents.org: A great resource for writing tips, lists of quality agents, and even agents who are actively looking for writers!